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Are you ready to become a MoeHeat Productions Affiliate Team Leader? Initially, your co-mentor will be the CEO and company founder, Mr. Maurice Windom. Get ready for a virtual ride; MHP Affiliate Bootcamp! His training style is direct and accountable. You’ll develop habits of six-digit earners, all while learning to run a team and ultimately, your own company! Our MHP Digital Marketing 6-To-6 Workbook is designed to create six-digit habits with high earnings following close behind! If you’re serious about becoming a six-digit earner and MHP Affiliate, this is the best way to “Fast-Track” your way to becoming a Team Leader! Commissions, bonuses, and perks await you once you meet pre-determined criteria set by the company. The 6-To-6 Workbook is designed to help you get there faster!

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