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     ‘Over four decades and still captivating audiences around the world! Klymaxx is known for such hits as: “The Men All Pause,” “Meeting in the Ladies Room,” and “I Miss You.”

     Group founder, Bernadette Cooper, sits down with MoeHeat Magazine for an exclusive interview.

     In our one-on-one interview, Bernadette shares starting the all female group, internal and external ups and downs, and longevity. She gives valuable insight to new artists on breaking into and sustaining longevity in the industry.

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Bernadette Cooper

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     MoeHeat Magazine is an insider publication designed to connect those interested in business, entertainment, and sport news. Individuals are able to gain and share insight as they learn industry tips.

     Our CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Maurice ‘Moe’ Windom, is a retired, 24-year, Army veteran. He holds those who honorably serve this great nation close to his heart. His formal education includes: Associates of Science, Bachelor of Science (Business Management), and a Master of Business Administration (Global Business Management). Much of his PhD requirements in Business Management and Leadership are complete.

     MoeHeat Magazine covers individuals from all walks of life, even of those who may find it difficult to gain media exposure. We introduce readers to local, national, and international talent. All the while, we encourage everyone to connect and continue networking.

Mr. Windom’s first ABC Interview; 2009.

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