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Mr. Maurice Windom is a 24-year, retired Army veteran. In 2009 Mr. Windom began utilizing personal contacts to publish MoeHeat Magazine. '30+ years of experience amassing a large network of business, sports, and entertainment professionals.

eBlast: Email Marketing

We'll develop and launch a campaign to help get your product and services in front of the right audience utilizing email marketing; eBlast. Whether your brand is local, national, or global, tools such as niche and demographics help optimize a successful campaign.

Onsite Coverage

MoeHeat Magazine can often be found covering private red carpet and private corporate events, as well as movie sets and film premiers. Our media credentials give access to major celebrities, professional sports events, and backstage at concerts.

MoeHeat Magazine

Distribution exceeds 40 million; combined print and digital.

First published in 2009, MoeHeat Magazine  (MHM) is an insider, publication designed to connect those who want to make it in the entertainment industry to those who can make it happen. We cover, entertainment, sports, and business. You’ll hear from professionals willing to share their experiences as well as up-and-coming talent doing well in their own right. We only publish positive, family-oriented content so rest assure it’s a safe read for all ages. Go to the “Contact Us” page if you’re interested in regularly receiving the latest copy or if you’d like to be featured in an up-coming issue.

Bentley Kyle Evans is a former actor and founder of Harvest Studios (Los Angeles, CA). He is known for creating hit sitcoms like The Jamie Foxx Show, Family Time, and many others. We sat with him for an exclusive MoeHeat Magazine interview.

First print, 2009. All of our features come from direct interviews. We get information directly from the source and only publish positive, family-safe articles.

eBlast / Email Marketing

A recent study, tracking email user statistics since 1993 claims global email users will hit 4.37 billion in 2023. This represents more than half the global population. Our total global email database is roughly 2 billion. Email marketing, or eBlast, is the latest trend in marketing allowing businesses to reach a larger audience for pennies-on-the-dollar compared to other traditional mediums such as postal mail, television, or radio advertising.

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Onsite Coverage

Perhaps you need camera coverage for your next event and want to make sure it’s done professionally and to your satisfaction. If so, do not hesitate to contact us. Although we’re based in the Los Angeles, California area, we’ve been known to provide film and media coverage in other states. Contact us, regardless of your budget. Our rates are extremely competitive and based on the assignment. You’ll be surprised to find out what we can accomplish within a small budget; films, commercials, sitcoms, weddings, and more.

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