MHP Digital Marketing 6-To-6 Affiliate Plan Workbook


You’re ready to become a MHP Affiliate Team Leader! Your co-mentor will be the CEO and company founder, Mr. Maurice Windom. Get ready for a virtual ride; MHP Affiliate Bootcamp! His training style is direct and accountable. You’ll develop habits of six-digit earners, all while learning to run a team and ultimately, your own company! Our MHP Digital Marketing 6-To-6 Workbook is designed to create six-digit habits with high earnings following close behind! If you’re serious about becoming a six-digit earner and MHP Affiliate, this is the best way to “Fast-Track” your way to becoming a Team Leader! Commissions, bonuses, and perks are awaiting you once you meet pre-determined criteria set by the company. The 6-To-6 Workbook is designed to help you get there faster!

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The MoeHeat Productions (MHP) Digital Marketing 6-To-6 Affiliate Plan Workbook is designed to help fast-track MHP Affiliates into becoming MHP Team Leaders. MHP Team Leaders are allowed to earn commissions on their efforts as well as their team’s. In other words, Team Leaders earn money based on their all sales coming from the team. By meeting pre-determined quotas, Team Leaders earn commissions and bonuses from perks, personal, and team sales.

For no less than one month, your mentor or co-mentor will be the company CEO, Mr. Maurice Windom. In addition to founding MoeHeat Productions LLC, he has over 30 years of experience in business marketing. He holds a Master of Business degree in Global Business Management.

Mr. Windom, a retired 24-year Army veteran, has a direct, straight-to-the-point approach to training and what it takes to become a six-digit earner. As CEO and author, his mentorship is designed to create leaders utilizing his 6-To-6 training style; six months to six digits.

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