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             e're looking for the right
             individuals to help MoeHeat Magazine reach more readers across the country. Not only can this be fun, but you can make money while doing it!
     Whether you're a promoter, entertainment manager, or home-based entrepreneur, we give you the tools to build and expand your
Distribution Means More Revenue
Earn Big As A Distributor
 own business, all-the-while you are selling ad space to local businesses in your designated area of choice. You get to know local business owners and even up-and-coming entertainers in your area. Our platform provides the credentials to help you establish yourself as a professional in various areas of business and entertainment.
          This isn't MLM! You are truly your own boss. We're basically giving you a platform to assist you while pursuing your own business endeavors. Whether you choose to be a music manager, filmmaker, or pursue your dreams of becoming a rock star, MoeHeat Magazine offers a way to increase your chances of being taken more seriously while networking with those in positions to help enhance your career.

     We provide you with tips to help you build and expand your business without having to start totally from scratch. Our tips give insight on how to find new clients, discover new talent, put on local events such as showcases and plays, and even breaking into entertainment as an actor, comedian, or musical artist.
The Right Market
Businesses benefit when advertising with us because of our niche audience. Our readers are entertainment enthusiasts ranging from enthusiasts to professionals. We are have direct and in-direct contact with consumers in all income brackets.
Distribution Channels
Professional Execution
Distribution is extremely important as it is often associated with high costs. Once your territory is set, we help determine the most cost-effective ways to distribute MoeHeat Magazine to our niche audience in your region.
Nothing works if you do not have the proper presentation. We continuously work with you on polishing your technique and pitch. As a distributor, you will receive regular newsletters, e-blast, and video clips with professional tips.
As a distributor you work for yourself
not as an employee
Income Opportunities
          oeHeat Productions offers a world of opportunities as an
          independent distributor and business consultant. As an independent distributor and/or consultant you do not work for MoeHeat Productions. Instead, you are your own boss and can concentrate only on the areas that interest you most.

          Once you become a distributor, you will receive a Quick Start Guide that tells you everything you need to begin earning money selling ads and disseminating MoeHeat Magazine. outlines the services you can offer, as well as tools to help you become more efficient in the areas you choose to concentrate on. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. Utilize techniques other professionals offer to avoid unnecessary setbacks and to help increase you odds towards a successful future.

          There are many aspects of business and entertainment. Often times the principles are the same for different positions. Once you know the fundamentals, you can concentrate on your specific goals. As a MoeHeat Production distributor, you are exposed to business start-up, distribution, sales and marketing techniques, team building, event coordination, celebrity booking, and direct marketing just to name a few. Although there are never any guarantees, mastering any one of these skill sets might lead to a promising career.
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To get more information on being your own boss contact us: email or call (810) 936-8027.