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Originally Published January 2011
MoeHeat Magazine
single parent building a life for her child with his father. You have to understand your role as a parent and get along with for the sake of the kids and that was me bringing a part of Lisa into the role of Neesee. Don’t get me wrong though, acting is not easy!

MHM- I’m glad you said that last part. So how hard was it to shoot the fight scene in ‘Player’s Club?’ Did anyone get injured?
LRM- Oh that was one of my favorites! (Laughs) But no, no one was hurt, although we had no choreographer and no stunt double; we were strategically placed so that it looked as though we were really throwing down! It was a different level of acting for me! Very physical.

MHM-You looked so angry! How did you channel the anger for that scene?

LRM- Most of it was really just acting, but if I felt myself slipping, I thought about old feelings, you know, things we all think about when we want to get mad!

MHM- Is that how you prepared for Civil Brand?

LRM- By then, I was hungry for a role that required no makeup, no pretty stuff, just acting talent. I went deep on that role. I could channel the pain for that character because we were similar in a way. We were both far away from our children and missing them so badly. It was difficult for me to come out of character when the cameras stopped rolling. I went into a deep depression, I got headaches, but I was nailing the scene by the 3rd or 4th take even though my lungs hurt from screaming and crying. You commit that much to a role when you want to get it right.

MHM-Okay, you’re going to make me call my own daughter crying in a just a second! (We both laugh) Miss McCoy, there are plenty of beautiful women in the world, but your beauty is ethereal, more angelic and certainly quite intimidating to most people male and female alike, I mean, I’m only on the phone with you and I put on some lip gloss before I called you! How do you handle that?

LRM-(laughing) Girl, you are crazy! To be honest, it wasn't until the last five years that people, mostly men, look at me, undress me with their eyes, but it comes with the territory of being a sex symbol. But, I like when people meet me and they see that I’m real, cool as hell, it helps me check myself and
keep me focused. I do understand intimidation though. You have to give them a five minute conversation because they put you in the business, which is why I do interviews.

MHM- So, what else are you doing to stay busy?

LRM- I host a Back to Business seminar where people can come for social networking, sharing resources, relax, listen to live music and mingle with other people in the business.
Miss McCoy’s ‘Back To Business’ 2010 was held on Memorial Day weekend this year in beautiful Puerto Rico and it was a huge success. Celebrity entertainers in attendance included Comedian Chris Spencer, Red Hot Rappers Trina and Lil Kim and Actor/Comedian Kevin Hart.

LRM- I’m also embarking on a new business venture, a foundation, (the Lady Raye Foundation) for young girls that include a Beauty Pageant. I call it “Little Miss RayeDiant Jewel,” because every little girl is a “diamond” in the rough, a jewel. These girls can do whatever they like for the talent portion, juggle, and play the clarinet, whatever. We crowned the 1st Miss RayeDiant Jewel in South Carolina. I think it’s important to share ourselves with our little sisters. I want to share with them my stories and offer mentorship to all of them. That is my philosophy and that makes me who am I am.

MHM- I can’t think of a better way to end this interview, thank you so much Miss McCoy. My mother asked me to tell you that she loves you and that your strength is a testimony for other women.

LRM- Oh! Oh my God! Thank you! Please tell her I said that her words penetrate my heart, thank you! That makes me feel so good!

MoeHeat Magazine would like to take time to congratulate Miss McCoy on her triumph over adversity and her need to share her story with other women in hopes that in situations of violence, they can also walk out the door, on faith alone.
To find out more about Lisa Raye’s Back 2 Business, please go to Raye Official Back 2 Business, for information on other events featuring Miss McCoy, go to Lisa Raye-Official Website @ and to watch her #1 hit reality show: The Real McCoy, go to
by Chevas D. Samuels
           he sum total of me? I’m humbled.
           I’m coming out of hurt, pain and embarrassment and found acceptance knowing that for the next woman that lost herself [with domestic violence] and listens to my story, can once again regroup and move forward, no plans, just walking on faith.~ Lisa Raye McCoy

“Hello?” “Hey, how are you, this is Lisa and just so you know, I talk really fast, so let me know if I lose you!” Miss Lisa Raye McCoy, actress, director, budding philanthropist, reality show star and former first lady was on the other end of the call and she was right, she said it fast!

We both laughed and I knew it was going to be a great interview. Miss McCoy’s voice was welcoming and I could still detect a little slight southern accent, which made her all the more endearing.

The interview was set to be a conference call interview and I’d prepared myself to ‘bully in’ with my questions over the other reporters to ensure my questions, all of my questions, would be answered, but there was no need, it was just the two of us and I jumped right in.

MHM-First of all, congratulations on your new reality show. Tell me about it, why a reality show?

LRM- This show gives [viewers] the inside of Lisa Raye. They think they know who I am but they really don’t. This is how the show came about. It was a business decision, since I can’t really focus on movies right now with the divorce going on and I’m flying back and forth to Turks/Caicos. So if people want to know about Lisa Raye and her life, what better way than to hear it from the horse’s mouth? I’m that horse.

MHM- Describe yourself
LRM- I’m a woman, a daughter and a mother.

MHM- Why do you wear white all or most of the time?

LRM- It started out as just deciding to wear it for one week, then one month and then before I knew it I was wearing white all the time! There’s no story behind it other than wanting to look and feel clean and crisp, virginal, (laughs). It’s not meant to set myself apart from anyone, it’s not a trend and I’ve been doing it for 8 yrs. now.

MHM- Tell us something you’ve wanted to say, but never really said until now.

LRM- I’m the first African-American First Lady. (Laughs) No, really, it is very important for me to tell my story, so [other] women can see the signs [of domestic violence] and show them how important it is for them to share their stories with their daughters. We must have women who are brave enough and strong enough, who understand the commitment to themselves and recognize when enough is enough. Before the partnership, there is you! Thank you for asking me that because it’s cleansing for me. I need to vent. I’ve made myself human to my public because strength comes in numbers. At that point I didn’t know whether I should try to change the subject because Miss McCoy’s voice faltered during the last sentence and my intent was to talk about her show, not her personal life, so I asked:

MHM- Does this make you nervous?

LRM- No, not at all. I understand there is a buildup and a tear down and a rebuilding. Focusing only on my life and my career, I
forgot that God has a way for you. He slowed me down, which helped me regain my glory for him. I have to tell my story now.

MHM- Is there anything that you want to keep away from the public while taping your reality show?

LRM- (laughs) Private? Um, who is Lisa Raye dating? (Laughs) They want to put me with every man they see me talking to! Makes me want to plead the fifth like Jay Z and Beyonce!

MHM- Your portrayal of the character Neesee on UPN’s ‘All of Us’ seemed effortless for you. Do you try to pick characters that you can relate to?

LRM-Absolutely! Well, when you CAN pick
Lisa Raye McCoy