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Top: Mr. Windom served in Iraq with Major Brown. Bottom L to R: With his last state-side unit. With survivors of USS Indianapolis CA-35
Veteran Owned and Operated
     Mr. Windom is a 24 year, retired Army veteran. He spent his last year of service in Kuwait and Iraq defending our great nation. During his military tenure he served as a military policeman, combat engineer, and high-level logistician. From
Maurice Windom in Kuwait 2004.
        fter traveling across the country and abroad, Mr. Windom realized that media can place twists on individuals and events to make readers lean towards there own agendas. Sometimes this approach has merit. However, far-to-often in this new era of social media and instant reporting, we only get bits and pieces of accurate news. More interesting is
     owing to make a success of two previous magazine attempts, Mr. Windom spent seven years branding MoeHeat Magazine before deciding to now publish on a regular basis. He's had two live interviews on ABC, hundred of interviews with professional athletes, actors, entertainers and business executives. He maintains direct contact with decision makers
Actor/Comedian Brian Hooks at his MHM cover unveiling
that most news reports do not come directly from source; they're second hand.
     Keeping this in mind, Mr. Maurice Windom decided to create a publication that gave celebrities an opportunity to be involved in the content being written about them. We've found more celebrities are willing to speak to us, knowing we will not publish negative content about anyone, nor do we welcome contributors
who submit indirect information on others that may or may not be true. We want accurate information our readers will enjoy.
     Upon returning from Iraq and Kuwait, Mr. Windom needed an outlet to help cope with his re-adjustment to civilian life. He went back to college and finished his bachelor's and MBA degrees in Global Business Management. Currently, he is in a PhD program.
across the country. Mr. Windom provides consultation to television networks, promoters, small businesses and start-up companies. His passion is his latest project, MoeHeat Magazine. He can be found hosting monthly celebrity events, facilitating high-profile, red carpet step-and-repeats, and covering entertainment venues across the country.
1981 to 2005, Mr. Windom served in both the Army and Army Reserves. His military travels gave him international experience around the globe including two tours to Japan.
     Upon retirement, Mr. Windom went back to
school to finish his Bachelors of Science degree in Business and a MBA in Global Business Management. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Business Management and Leadership.
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