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Two very important advantages our advertisers receive are low associated costs, and local visibility. In comparison to other trade magazines in our category, our rates are as much as 50% lower. While we offer a free publication to readers, we take into account where our advertisers will get the most bang for their buck! In addition to distribution outside of your immediate area, we randomly target local businesses within driving distance. Your ad is seen in waiting rooms and lobbies where clients continuously thumb through magazines.

Direct-marketing is still one of the most popular and successful ways that many organizations keep their products and services into the right recipientís hands and mind. Many non-profit, and for-profit organizations still depend on the postal service to deliver their message to the doors of their specific target market. Many automobile dealerships, real estate professionals, and even financial institutions each spend thousands of dollars on direct-marketing every month for one important reason. It works! We have over 20 years experience in target marketing. Even in this new era of Internet mediums, direct-marketing still remains one of the most reliable and consistently successful sources for many organizations.

From time to time we all come across someone who is interesting in starting or taking their business to next level. This might even be you. Our founder, Maurice Windom, has over twenty years experience in both military logistics and corporate business. He holds two degrees in business and is currently working on his PhD. On a case-by-case basis, he is willing to look at and consult in the areas of start-ups and expansion.

Our office is in Santa Clarita, California. We shoot video and take photographs in and around the Los Angeles area. Whether you are having a music release party, red carpet event, or entertainment show of some sort, we can cover your event. In addition to our normal coverage, we're always interested in shooting a low-budget movie or video project. As you can see from our Facebook page or Youtube channel, we cover a lot of events. Just hit us up for inquiries or a quote.
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