You’ve taken the first step to becoming an MHP Affiliate! Below is our MHP Affiliate Workbook. Download this workbook to your computer or tablet and refer to it often. We recommend that you print and organize this Workbook in an 8-1/2″ x 11″ binder. Doing so allows you to take notes, and add supplement pages, as needed. Thank you and here’s to a successful future as an MHP Affiliate.

Are you ready to quit your 9 to 5 job and start making passive income online? Hundreds of thousands have already joined the ranks of becoming affiliate marketers in one manner or another. By joining the MHP Digital Marketing Team, you don’t need a website of your own or have to fill your garage with items you hope to sell and ship out later. Among other services, we utilize email marketing designed to get digital flyers in front of the right people, on our client’s behalf.

MoeHeat Productions Digital Marketing Program 6-To-6

Fast Track to $$$

For those interested in working directly with our CEO and becoming a Team Leader, inform your mentor today! Our 6-To-6 Workbook and Plan are designed to fast-track you to earning upwards of a six-digit income within six months. Learn to manage a team. Earn commissions from personal and team sales. Receive perks and bonuses.

Advantages of 6-To-6 Plan

Fast Track a Six-Digit $ Income
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Management Training

Weekly meetings will include tips for training your team. At the discretion of MHP, you’ll offer perks and bonuses to motivate team sales. As a Team leader, you earn from all sales from your members.

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Setting Up Your LLC

As an MHP Affiliate, you technically work for yourself. You’ll learn how to set up your own LLC, ultimately protecting personal assets and building your brand.

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Train Under CEO

MHP CEO, Mr. Windom, will train you based on over 30 years of experience. His aggressive 6-To-6 training is designed to have you earning over $100K annually.


Combined Hardcopy & Digital Distribution: 40 Million Readers

Becoming a MoeHeat Magazine distributor is more than selling advertising space and earning extra income. You can request media credentials for local and national events. You may receive backstage access, and meet celebrities and talent. Submit articles and write-ups all while establishing your brand. Speak with your mentor or Team Leader if you’re interested inĀ