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We connect businesses with their target audience through email marketing campaigns and MoeHeat Magazine; covering business, sports, and entertainment. MoeHeat Magazine reaches over 40 million readers digitally. We distribute thousands of hardcopies at live events and local businesses with lobbies.

40 Million and Counting

30 years providing advertising & marketing services. ‘Over 13 years through the pages of our MoeHeat Magazine, reaching over 40 MILLION readers.

Creative Design

Our team offers unique and creative advertisement placement, along with a solid distribution campaign.


Advertising campaigns making the best out of research and development with your industry in mind.

Branding & Marketing

Branding and marketing designed to reach a larger audience.


MoeHeat Magazine offers economical solutions to reach your target audience through advertisements, articles, and cover stories in our special editions.

Media Coverage

Photo and video coverage capturing red carpet, work related, and behind-the-scenes footage.

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Contact us day or night. We generally respond within 24 hours.

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If interested in getting started, feel free to call or email. For more information regarding current services, check out our ‘Services’ page or email us: moeheatmag@gmail.com.

MoeHeat Magazine

Established in 2009! MoeHeat Magazine only publishes positive articles covering business, sports, and entertainment. No gossip! Family safe!

30 Years and Counting!

Mr. Windom brings over 30 years of experience.

Maurice Windom

CEO / Editor-In-Chief - Featured on ABC.

Our Team Is Ready

Eager to begin working on your project.

Global Reach

We have over a billion contacts covering niches, demographics, and countries.

Flint, Michigan

…Coming Summer 2023!

MoeHeat Magazine's Mic Drop!

09_14_2022 MHM Mic Drop final

Talent auditions were held in Flint, Michigan during October, 2022. The finale is scheduled for Summer 2023 in Flint. Mr. Windom has spoke to several celebrities inviting them come to Flint and host shows. Eventually, talent auditions will expand across the country. However, the finales will be held in Flint. Finales will air on streaming platforms such as Tubi, for millions to see. The goal is to expose talent and the positive sides of Flint, Michigan to the world.

Flint, Michigan

Flint Needs Your Help!

MoeHeat Magazine, established in Flint, MI (2009) is in production of “MoeHeat Magazine’s Mic Drop;” similar to the hit series “America’s Got Talent.” The historic city of Flint is the birthplace of General Motors. Flint residents have been experiencing deadly health effects from contaminated drinking water since 2014. However, General Motors began downsizing and massive layoffs in 1984. As a result, now the city’s economy is at record lows while crime remains amongst the highest in the country. Mr. Windom has proposed a 10 year, $100 Million dollar plan to Flint’s mayor; inviting Fortune 1,000 businesses to build worksites  and bring jobs to the city. MoeHeat Productions, now based in Los Angeles, California, is utilizing Hollywood and global business connections, to share Flint talent with the world, while adding thousands of new jobs. We’re inviting celebrities and musical acts to perform in the city. 

"Amazing Quality of Work!"

Thank you for considering MoeHeat Productions for your projects. We're veteran owned and operated, providing quality work for over three decades across the globe.
Maurice 'Moe' Windom

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We work with local, national, and international brands and companies.

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